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Technology Education

Technology Education in Smithtown Middle Schools is comprised of four technology courses spanning between sixth and eighth grade. Students begin by taking two courses in sixth grade, Technology Literacy and Technology Education.Students then proceed to 7th grade and 8th grade Technology Education with the successful completion of each grade level course.

Smithtown School District is proud to announce the incorporation of PLTW -Project Lead The Way courses into our 6th through 8th grade Technology Education courses.

6th Grade Technology Education

Technology Literacy and Science of Technology

7th Grade Technology Education

Design and Modeling / Flight & Space and Energy and the Environment Elective

8th Grade Technology Education

Automation & Robotics / Green Architecture and Magic of Electrons Elective

6th Grade

Technology Literacy

Science of Technology

7th Grade

Design and Modeling (DM)

Flight and Space(FS)

Energy and the Environment(EE)

8th Grade

Automation and Robotics (AR)

Magic of Electrons (ME)

Green Architecture (GA)